Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is meant by Gross Rent?

A: Gross rent means the total cost to occupy the space. There are no additional charges for Auckland City Rates, or Insurance or other building expenses.

There are charges for the electricity that your computers and lights and office equipment use, and there is a small monthly charge for the water that is used by the air-conditioning and the toilets, but other than that the Gross Rent represents the whole cost to occupy the space.

Q: What communications are available in the building?

A: Because it houses one of Vector’s (United Networks) main communication hubs, this is one of the most “connected” buildings in Auckland.

It has multiple redundant fibre-optic cables entering it from Queen Street, Victoria Street East and Lorne Street.

The fibres are owned by all the major communications vendors so the building is ideal for tenants needing ultra fast reliable connectivity to the Internet.

The basement houses a data centre that allows tenants and others to colocate their servers in a secure environment with very high speed connectivity to all ISPs.

Q: What parking is available?

A: Although there is no car parking available within the building there are two public car parks across the road from the building:

The Victoria Street car park is managed by the Auckland City Council and offers leases for around $490 per month.

The Kitchener Street car park operated by Wilsons allows tenants to open monthly parking accounts.

This enables tenants to offer their customers parking vouchers that are automatically charged to the monthly account.

Q: Are schools allowed in the building?

A: Unfortunately we have found that schools are a disrupting influence on the other tenants and so we have taken the decision not accept schools as tenants in this building.